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for a shared world.

Free to Be is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal sanctuary, with a mission to provide refuge to animals victim of breeding or farmed captivity, neglect, or cruelty.

All the animals in our care receive continuous care where we work to honor their needs with a holistic approach. All animals are their own beings with individual needs, and we make it our priority to recognize just that. Some enjoy pets & scratches, while others prefer to be loved from afar. That is okay! This space is dedicated for them, where they're free to

Knowing how many animals are forever stuck in these systems by no fault of their own, we promise to make sure that the ones we can save, won't see that world again.

We believe in a simpler world;

a world that is a shared space for humans & animals.

Our vision is to work towards that world through advocacy, compassion, and community.

With your help, we can change the world for one animal at a time. 

Now, let's go meet the residents!

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