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The Residents



In loving memory ♥

He is the one who showed  how to find the deepest level of compassion. The one who drove that feeling to extend to every animal; not just certain species. The one who began us on the journey of creating sanctuary. We hadn't had him for more than 2 years as we brought him home on hospice, but the time we did have with him was life changing. Overlooking the dog's yard is a perennial bush planted in his honor, where he is always with us. He, is the true founder.



In loving memory ♥

Oh Possum. He came to us in April of 2022 where a local sanctuary was wanting to place him after his previous caretaker was moving and no longer had space for him. Since hedgehogs are nocturnal we didn't see him as much as our other residents, but when he was up, boy he was the cutest & fastest little tiny dot. Although hedgehogs have been domesticated over the years, due to their specialized care & needs, we highly recommend doing a bit of research before adopting to make sure they'd be a great fit.



Oreo came to us also in April 2022, with his lady friend Peebs. While we don't know much about their back story, it's hard to really know what they've gone through as they are both so sweet and gentle, but also very timid. It was over a month until they trusted us enough to give them head pets and they now know the humans are pretty okay. Together, they spend their days kicking up hay, foraging, and mid-day napping.

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Chester, along with now  Phillip, were dumped on a northern Vermont lake where they had to fend for themselves for an extended period of time. We don't know for sure, but we tend to think they were purchased as ducklings and then dumped once they were sexed, as males aren't as "valuable" as females. With the notice of a kind neighbor & help of a local sanctuary, they were rescued and brought to our sanctuary in July of 2022.



Kayda has been with us since November of 2020. Due to irresponsible breeding, she is a double merle who is blind and experiences eye deformation. Despite that, this little girl will play ball 'til the day is done and is never too far from her human's side. The scars on her hind leg endured from a chemical burn is a constant reminder of her past, but she is resilient and doesn't let that get in the way of living life to the fullest.



Amelia and Meredith took their rescue ride together in August 2022, where they left the neglectful care of a backyard breeder. We tend to believe that they were "free" because they weren't able to be bred, as also saw that there were many others. Although we couldn't save them all, Meredith and Amelia will have free access to open hay, water, and love today and every day after.

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Forrest Excited_August 2023.jpg


Forrest came alongside Emerson & Carl in May 2023, and better known as "The Trio". Forrest is a bit more on the timid side, except when it comes to pool time. This shy boy has no problem telling his friends he's not quite done taking a swim.

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Danny & Walter came together in July '23. These two NY boys were found in a canal in Long Island after being abandoned and lucky found themselves in the hands of rescuers. The wild is no place for domestic animals, and Danny spends his days lounging in the sun in a much safer environment.

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Sally Wants the Hat_Sept 2023.JPG


Sally relocated here in August ‘23, alongside Terry & Greg. She was purchased from a farm supply store in ‘22 as a chick, and her previous owners could now no longer care for her. Purchasing animals from stores commonly bring health concerns due to limited to no access to vet care/adequate space or diet, where they can develop physical ailments as a result just like Sally (and Greg) has. Their foot conditions may be permanent, but so is their home here at the sanctuary. 

Greg Standing_Full Shot Sept. 2023.JPG


Greg moved in August '23 with Terry & Sally, who were previously living in a backyard flock. He was purchased from a farm supply store in ‘22 as a chick, and his previous owners could now no longer care for him. His looks may be intimidating, but he is a sweet & shy boy who found refuge here at the sanctuary. 

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In loving memory ♥

Emerson (back, pictured with Forrest) came alongside Forrest & Carl in May 2023, and better known as "The Trio". 

Peebs Profile Pic


Peebs came to us in April of 2022 after another  sanctuary reached out about helping to place her. Her background story is a bit fuzzy, but, we know that she came from a hoarding situation along with her friend Oreo, who she is very bonded with.

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Haze we welcomed him in October 2019. His story is all too common for double merles, and something we advocate strongly against - backyard breeding. Due to his seeing impairments and being deemed "unprofitable", him and his littermate were left to fend for themselves as puppies. Luckily a local rescue spotted them & his story only got better from there. Fast forward and he is now the sanctuary's greeter- tail wag & kisses in full swing.



Phillip came to us, alongside Chester, in July of 2022. Since their arrival the two have become an inseparable pair. We believe their time surviving on that lake deeply bonded them, and they learned that if they have each other they are safe. Their days are spent swimming, foraging, and mud making until their hearts content.

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Meredith, alongside now Amelia, were rescued within 2 days of seeing a 'free to good home' post on Facebook. Their outdoor cages were filthy, filled with mold, dirty food bowls, and empty water dishes. We immediately knew they couldn't stay there any longer. They were removed from that location and brought to our sanctuary in August of 2022.

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Snax has been with us since June of 2016, much before the sanctuary was established. We went to a local humane society expecting to bring home a different cat, but once we heard that he was owner surrendered due to moving into a nursing home, we wanted him & his previous owner to know he'll be okay. That same day we brought him home & he's been soaking up the sun ever since.



Carl came alongside Emerson & Forrest in May 2023, and better known as "The Trio".  In their previous flock, Carl was reserved at first. Now that he's come out of his shell and settled, he is rather inquisitive and the first to investigate everything. Including making sure his daily greens are in his bowl first thing in the morning!

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Walter & Danny came together in July '23 after being found near the waters of a Long Island canal. With the help of rescuers and animal advocates, the two big boys found home in Vermont and never have to fear being left on their own. Walter is a semi-serious goof who is always alongside Danny. They go everywhere together!

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Terry Goofy Look_Sept 2023.JPG


Terry, alongside Sally and Greg, moved into the sanctuary in August '23. Luckily this sassy girl was spared of common ailments found in purchased animals from farm supply stores, and has active little feet spending her days investigating everything. Terry and Greg are good friends, and are commonly found side by side.

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Clover side by side with Kyle moved in the sanctuary October '23. They were rescued from a backyard where they housed in a makeshift rabbit hutch unable to walk true ground. Because of this, Clover has developed severe leg & mobility issues. He has a determined spirit & the road ahead is a long one, and we are committed to helping this special boy with everything he needs.

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Kyle side by side with Clover moved into the sanctuary in October '23. Their previous environment overflowing with neglect scarred them of humans, but they have been enjoying being with the other duck residents. Just as our sanctuary name states, they are free to be themselves. We hope that with the help of fellow duck friends & daily care, the fears can turn into comfort & safety.

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