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On 10 acres of ground in the small town of Poultney, Vermont we call this home. Originally from Connecticut, we trialed a few different spots in Vermont over the years and once we saw our current location, we knew it was it & we moved fast.  After 2 years of planning, we established our sanctuary in mid 2022 where we now share the space with spikey, feathered, and furry residents who also call this little piece of Earth home, too. 

A big part of caring for the animals here is by growing foods through veganic gardening. Each year we choose herbs and veggies that the animals & humans love, and begin growing from seed indoors (which also make the long Vermont winters pass a little quicker!). 

In growing vibrant foods & flowers without the use of animal products, by-products, or toxic pesticides we can help nurture the Earth while providing for ourselves, the animals, and our community. 


If you find yourself in our area, stop on by our take what you need-pay what you like farmstand. We'd love to say hi!

Our vision is that through advocacy, compassion, and community we can help provide animals in need refuge & kindness in our shared world.

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